1. General
    a. Firstly, you are required to provide your information that is true, accurate, current, and complete.
    b. You may change any of information through notify us via email.
    c. The account password should be in unique and you will need to keep it secure. Hence, if any breach of security or unauthorized uses of your account, please notify us immediately.
    d. You must be over 18 years old and possess a valid credit or debit card issued by bank to place an order.
  2. Orders
    a. All orders are subject to it’s availability.
    b. Every items in your shopping cart are not considered reserved. Therefore, it may be purchased by other customers until it is complete to check out.
  3. Payment
    a. Payments can be made by internert/online banking or any other methods which has been stated on our site.
    b. We will take full reasonable care to make sure our site is secured. In addition, all online banking transactions on this site are processed using Billplz.
    c. To assure, all details of your orders and payments are secured.
  4. Vouchers
    a. Every vouchers that are provided to you are non-transferable.
    b. Vouchers are only redeemable once on the date published.
  5. Delivery
    We will process and ship out all orders within 24 hours after payment is received. Estimated delivery time will be provided to you as your guidance.  However, any delays by the courier service will be responsible by us.